Sunday, 16 February 2014

Children's ANIME And Manga - Specifics and examples:- The very first anime were related to such genre. This genre started in the late 19th century with the production of small, approximately 15 page long comicsin magazines, targeting both boys and girls. These short manga were created as a part of Meijiera's attempt to encourage literacy amongst Japanese children and youth. Children's anime and manga can be divided into four categories. First category is the anime and manga adaptations of the Western legends, tales etc. For example, World Masterpiece Theater. Those works can be quickly understood by non-Japanese viewers. Most of them are TV series. Despite them being popular, they aren't particularly helpful for understanding Japanese anime specifics. They are being made by examples of classical American or Soviet cartoons, respectively treating the spirit and fabula of the adopted work. The second category is unique to Japanand is not readily understood by non-Japanese viewers. These are manga adaptations and originalworks. They can exploit the language humour and contain the references to the Japanese reality. However, it has similar works in American animation, like South Parkor The Simpsons, but they are aimed towards older audience. Example of such works is Chibi Maruko-chan. If look on the storyline, these works contain shounen elements. Third category are cute anime popular amongst girls. For example, Hello Kitty or Bottle Fairy. Another category that is closer to shouneninc ludes Pokemon. These shows have a connection with popular video game and toymarkets, and have the best commercial success. Today there are magazines such as Coro Coro Comic, first published by Shogakukan, which targets boys audience, especially in elementary school. There is also Kodansha's Comic Bonbon, which also published children's manga. Both of these magazines are released monthly in Japan. Popular children's manga also is reinvented as animeand is accompanied by a plethora or merchandise. For example, Sonic X has its video game franchise for Nintendo console. Despite its being aimed at children, children's anime and manga is also being popular amongst older audience. Similarly, shōjoanime like Tokyo Mew Mew or Shugo Charaare also popular amongst younger audience

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