Monday, 10 February 2014

Toei Animation And Mushi Production:- In 1948, Toei Animation was founded and produced the first color anime feature filmin 1958, Hakujaden ( The Tale of the White Serpent, 1958). This film was more Disneyin tone than modern anime with musical numbers and animal sidekicks. However, it is widely considered to be the first " anime" ever, in the modern sense. It was released in the US in 1961 asPanda and the Magic Serpent. From 1958 to the mid-1960s, Toei continued to release these Disney-like films and eventually also produced three of the most well known anime series, Dragon Ballin 1986, Sailor Moonin 1992 and One Piecein 1999. Toei's style was also characterized by an emphasis on each animator bringing his own ideas to the production. The most extreme example of this is Isao Takahata's film Hols: Prince of the Sun (1968). Holsis often seen as the first major break from the normal anime style and the beginning of a later movement of " auteuristic" or "progressive anime" which would eventually involve directors such as Hayao Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away) and Mamoru Oshii. A major contribution of Toei's style to modern anime was the development of the "money shot". This cost-cutting method of animation allows for emphasis to be placed on important shots by animating them with more detail than the rest of the work (which would often be limited animation). Toei animator Yasuo Ōtsukabegan to experiment with this style and developed it further as he went into television. in the 1980s Toei would later lend its talent to companies like Sunbow Productions, Marvel Productions, DiC Entertainment, Murakami- Wolf-Swenson, Ruby Spearsand Hanna Barberawith producing several animated cartoons for America during this period. Other studios like TMS Entertainment, were also being used in the 80's, which lead to Asian studios being used more often to animate foreign productions, but the companies involved still produced anime for their native Japan. Osamu Tezukae stablished Mushi Production in 1961, after Tezuka's contract with Toei Animation expired. The studio pioneered TV animation in Japan, and was responsible for successful TV series such as Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Gokū no Daibōken and Princess Knight.

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