Saturday, 22 March 2014

Manga Outside Japan-Manga in Brazil (2):- In 2004, Panini started publishing manga, with the release of Peach Girland Eden. In 2012, Panini published the most popular manga in Brazil: Naruto and Bleach, as well as titles like Black Lagoon, Highschool of the Dead, Full Metal Panic!and Welcome to the N.H.K.. Panini has also, in 2012, acquired the publishing rights to One Piecein Brazil, continuing publication from where Conrad had stopped (Japanese volume 37) as well as reprinting earlier volumes in the original Japanese format. Originally, Brazilian manga appeared with about half the size of a tankoubon (about 100 pages of stories and two to eight pages of extras), but as of 2012almost all of the manga is released in the original format.

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