Saturday, 22 March 2014

Manga Outside Japan-Manga in France-"French exception" (Europe):- France has a particularly strong and diverse manga market. Many works published in France belong to genres not well represented outside Japan, such as to adult-oriented drama, or to experimental andavant-gardeworks. Early editors like Tonkamhave published Hong-Kong authors ( Andy Seto, Yu & Lau) or Korean authors (Kim Jae-hwan, Soo & Il, Wan & Weol andHyun Se Lee) in their manga collection during 1995/1996 which is quite uncommon. Also, some Japanese authors, such as Jiro Taniguchi, are relatively unknown in other western countries but received much acclaim in France. Since its introduction in the 1990s, manga publishing and anime broadcasting have become intertwined in France, where the most popular and exploited shōnen, shōjoand seinen TV series were imported in their paper version. Therefore, Japanese books ("manga") were naturally and readily accepted by a large juvenile public who was already familiar with the series and received the manga as part of their own culture. A strong parallel backup was the emergence of Japanese video games, Nintendo/ Sega, which were mostly based on manga and animeseries.

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