Saturday, 22 March 2014

Manga Outside Japan-Manga in United States ( North America ) [2]:- In 2002, Tokyo pop introduced its "100% Authentic Manga" line, which featured unflipped pages and were smaller in size than most other translated graphic novels. This allowed them be retailed at a price lower than that of comparable publications by Viz and others. The line was also made widely available in mainstream bookstores such as Bordersand Barnes & Noble, which greatly increased manga's visibility among the book-buying public. After Tokyopop's success, most of the other manga companies switched to the smaller unflipped format and offered their titles at similar prices. As of 2012 a large number of small companies in the United States publish manga. Several large publishers have also released, or expressed interest in releasing manga. Del Reytranslated and published several Japanese series including xxx Holic, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and, Negima!: Magister Negi Magi, while Harlequinhas brought its Ginger Blossom line of manga, originally released only in Japan, to the United States as well.

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